Our Vision

Communication is the currency of all human interactions. Communication allows humans to achieve what cannot be achieved alone. Two way radio has stood the test of time as being the reliable, cost effective, life force of team based communication, since being adopted in Australia in 1923. PWC continues to drive two way radio's proud legacy into the future by delivering world-class radio communication capabilities, backed by a mission critical ethos, to those who depend on two way radio's trusted legacy for their organisation. Many of our communication solutions we have introduced to the market are notably found amongst government, public safety and corporate entities all throughout Australia. We are driven to remain industry leaders who deliver mission critical two way radio system integration capabilities, with over a century of real world radio knowledge, marketing expertise and engineering excellence.

No matter how large your desire to communicate is, we can assist.

Our Milestones

  • 2002 -
    PWC founded
    2003 - Exclusive partnership with Wireless Corporation established.
  • 2004 - Non toxic, cadmium free, batteries released for most radio models.
  • 2005 - Compact RDX range of P25 digital suitcase repeaters announced.
  • 2006 - Released PICO™ - The world's smallest P25 suitcase repeater.
  • 2007 - Becomes founding corporate member of ARCIA
  • 2008 - PDX™ & GTK™ Digital and Analogue Repeaters announced.
  • 2009 - GTR™ released - The world's first Bluetooth™ enabled portable radio.
  • 2010 - Appointed as 3M's Peltor Headset Service Centre for Australia.


  • 2011 - MERLAN™ - World's first secure, instantly deployable, P25 global network. 

  • 2011 - PWC & 3M together announce the Peltor DECT-Com II™. 

  • 2012 - X10DR®, the world's first secure wireless microphone for mobile radios is released.

  • 2013 - X10DR quickly adopted by Public Safety, Emergency Services, Utility providers.

  • 2013 - X10DR now carried by over 1500 channel partners world-wide.

  • 2014 - PWC enters strategic partnership with RFI Wireless.
  • 2015 - PWC enters design contract with Wireless Corp for development of X10DR V2

  • 2015 - PWC enters design contract with Wireless Corp for development of X10DR-UHF

  • 2016 - PWC signs OEM contract for development and manufacture of LiteTalk™ Group Communicator for 3M Corporation

  • 2016 - LiteTalk™ Group Communicator launched in ANZ through 3M Authorised Channel Partners

  • 2016 - PWC designs and delivers Critical Communication Panel Display Systems to Victrack

  • 2016 - PWC develops and launches TeamTalk™ full duplex communication system 

  • 2016 - PWC appointed Australian Service Repair Partner for 3M Peltor™ Communications Solutions

  • 2016 - PWC achieves ATEX IECex Service Centre accreditation from 3M Peltor Sweden.

  • 2016 - PWC develops LiteLink™ Repeater for LiteTalk™ and X10DR® UHF critical communication sytems

  • 2017 - PWC establishes partnership with RFI to distribute X10DR product to ANZ markets.

  • 2017 - PWC releases X10DR Elite with even more range, systems capability and IP67.